Touchstone of Sincerity - A Novel about the Baha'is in Iran.
Touchstone of Sincerity - A Novel about the Baha'is in Iran.
Jeff Albert

Touchstone of Sincerity - A Novel about the Baha'is in Iran.

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'All you have to do is sign this declaration.'

Numbed, Hakim stared at his three-year-old grandson. The boy's cheeks were still red from crying. Dirt-streaked canals lined his face. 'Baba,' he whimpered. Hakim closed his eyes, silently imploring, 'O God! He's only a child. I am the Bahá'í. It's not fair. O God, please, please. It's not fair!' 'Doctor?' the Ayatullah asked once more. 'This is your last chance. Recant!'

Bahá'ís in Iran today are showing magnificent courage in the face of religious persecution. Many have accepted imprisonment, torture and even death rather than renounce their faith. Their stoicism arouses admiration, but also bewilderment, in the outside world. How do they do it? and why? And for most Bahá'ís another question lurks in the background: 'Would I stand up under the pressure they are facing?'

Hakim Rahbari thought he was ready. They could bring an army if they wanted to. But it turned out to be not so simple . . .


'a moving story . . . a very remarkable novel and one that should help us understand the travail of the Iranian Bahá'ís . . . gives incredible insights into the situation . . . not only does it give an understanding difficult to achieve otherwise, but it also strengthens the reader's faith. A very timely and profound portrayal . . .'

'a very gripping, lifelike book . . .'

Members of the Bahá'í Reviewing Panel of the United Kingdom

About the Author 

Jeff Albert was brought up in California and studied Theatre Arts and Chemistry at the University of California at Riverside, and later Film and Television at New York University. Since becoming a Bahá'í in 1978 at the age of 22 he has taken part in the production of several documentaries on Bahá'í subjects, including the films 'Education in India' and 'Trustees of the Merciful' on rural educational development. He moved to South Africa in 1981 and was head of television productions at the black Medical University of South Africa, Medunsa. He also makes television commercials and is screenwriting a major motion picture.

Pages: 256
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ISBN: 978-0-85398-223-4

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