Global Governance & the Lesser Peace
Foad Katirai

Global Governance & the Lesser Peace

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A timely look at the evolution of global governance and the progress being made towards the Lesser Peace.

People everywhere are rapidly coming to recognize the reality of the brotherhood of humankind but still the world is burdened with systems of international governance that were created to favour the victors of a war that ended over half a century ago and which consistently maintain the ascendancy of the rich nations. The desperate need for a system of international organization and administration that is fair to all the world's people and reflects the essential oneness of mankind is now clear. But how should this be brought about?

Drawing on the writings of leading thinkers on the subject, Global Governance and the Lesser Peace presents a fascinating exploration of the issues involved and clearly sets out an agenda for the summit of world leaders, as called for in the Bahá'í writings, to establish the foundation of a new and just system of international governance to carry the world towards a long-awaited era of peace.

Foad Katirai's interest in global issues stems from roots deep in his multiracial, multicultural background. Born in 1950 into a family in Iran formed from Christian, Jewish and Muslim ancestries, he is a naturalized citizen of Japan, where he has lived since 1953. Having completed his early schooling at the Canadian Academy, an international English-speaking school in Kobe, he went on to study Economics at Columbia University, New York, and obtained a Doctorate in Management Studies from Oxford University in England. An adherent of the Bahá'í Faith, Dr Katirai worked closely with the Bahá'í International Community's Office at the United Nations in New York from 1970 to 1974. On his return to Japan, Dr Katirai worked in the electronics industry for more than two decades. He speaks four languages and has travelled and lectured extensively in North America, Europe, the CIS, the Middle East and the Far East. This gave him firsthand insight into the global issues that form the subject of this book.

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