Years of Silence - The Baha'is in the USSR 1938-1946
Asadu’llah Alizad

Years of Silence - The Baha'is in the USSR 1938-1946

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The Memoirs of Asadu'lláh 'Alízád

Translated by Baharieh Rouhani Ma'ani

Asadu'lláh 'Alízád, a young Bahá'í living in 'Ishqábád with his wife and three-month-old baby, was suddenly arrested one night in February 1938 by the Soviet authorities. He never returned to his home.

This is the dramatic, often harrowing, yet little-known, story of the imprisonment, torture and exile to Siberia of Russian Bahá'ís during the years of the Second World War. Mr 'Alízád here recounts the trials, suffering, heroism and faith of that band of Bahá'í men and women who refused to leave their pioneering posts regardless of the cruel consequences.

With a Foreword by Fariburz Sahba, the nephew of the author and editor of the account.

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